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“Meet My New Fishing Buddy”

Diane on rod

Fishing “buddies” are changing a bit these days!


Originally Published the Week of September 6, 2013 in Western Outdoor News

We always try to make a point of personally greeting each and every fishing clients who comes to visit us when they come from the airport.   After so many e-mails and phone calls prior to the trip, it’s great to finally put faces and names together…for all of us…clients included.

Several weeks ago, we were waiting at the hotel for two sets of brothers.  Bob and Pat Brown  and John and Terry Terrell were coming fishing together.  Super.

But, what a surprise when they stepped out of the airport van to greet us.  “Pat” turned out to be “Patricia” and “Terry” was “Teresa!”  Two couples!

After a laugh and some quick scrambling to re-arrange their hotel rooms to get king beds, I had some thoughts.  Several days before, half our fleet of pangas was occupied by couples.  Even one of my long-time captains commented about it.

As I sit here and write this, I would say 40 percent of our clients fishing with us this very moment are women…that includes several wives…two sets of sisters…a daughter-in-law…and two single gals getting away from their guys for a quick fishing trip (tables turned!)

And this is panga fishing!  That means no big shiny cruisers.  It’s an open boat pushed off the beach old-school style!

Times are changing.

Fishing and Mexico aren’t just a guy’s domain anymore.  But, with increasing frequency, we’re seeing an increasing number of couples and women in general.  I attribute it to three things.

First, I think the ladies themselves have changed.  They are much more outgoing.  They’re used to travel. They’re used to a little adventure.  They’re up for it.  The younger ones grew up being outdoors and active.  The older ones, don’t sit at home on the couch anymore either now that the kids are out-of-the-house!  They’re on the move!

Many of the ladies can hang with the guys anyday and can keep up with them…and then some!  They fish…they hunt…they camp…they shoot…theyswim and dive!

They can be as hardcore as the boys!  Just try to elbow one trying to get to a screaming rod and you’re likely to get elbowed right back!  And do NOT ask them if they need help!  They’re just fine thank you!

Secondly, Mexico is changing.  Facilities are better.  Roads are better.  Hotels are nicer.  Heck…10 years ago, we were still wondering if we would have ice, let alone air-conditioning.  Now there are spas and white-tablecloth restaurants.  They can fish like crazy and still get a massage and pedicure in the afternoon right before pool time and happy hour.  Oh…and there’s shopping.  (most places!)

Also, Mexico itself is more welcoming.  It’s exotically close.  It’s a familiar culture, language and food.  It’s easy to travel to and easy to get around.  The country caters very well to visitors.

Lastly, I think us guys have changed too. We still love and need our “man-cations” with the bros, but it’s good knowing our ladies can hang with us too and frankly, from what I’m seeing we like hanging with them also.

Honestly, when I met my wife, Jilly, about 11 years ago, and found out she liked “football, fishing and beer…”   Whoa!  I had to buck up a bit.  She was definitely worth a 2nd look and, as one of my buddies advised me, “Jonathan, she’s a keeper!”

So, I kept her…and so far she hasn’t tossed me back either!  And I wouldn’t think of going fishing, camping, diving or traveling without her.

I’ve taken her rapelling on cliffs, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, paddleboarding, surfing and hiking.    She’s about to get her scuba certification and she’s asked many times when we’ll have time so I can take her on a “real long range fishing trip of at least 10 days!” She’s working up to run her first 10K.  She’s the one who wants to take ME to fish for peacock bass on the Amazon River and fish for catfish in SE Asia plus hiking Italy (while taking cooking schools). Amen!

I was talking to one couple that came into our restaurant after a great day of fishing.  The wife just gushed and gushed about what a fun day she had and how she couldn’t wait to go out again the next day.   It was the first time she had ever gone fishing.  It was the first time she had been on the ocean.  It was the first time she had been to Mexico.

She pulled out her camera to show me that she had caught the biggest fish of the day…even bigger than her husband’s fish!  He grinned and rolled his eyes, but you could tell he was beaming as well.

I asked her how come she had never gone fishing with him before.  She smiled.  She said she always wanted to and quietly was always envious of all his fishing trips.  She then took his hand.  She looked at him and said, “It’s because he never asked me!”

Gents…it might be worth asking.  Find yourself a new fishing buddy!

That’s our story!



Jonathan Roldan has been writing the Baja Column in Western Outdoor News since 2004.  Along with his wife and fishing buddy, Jilly, they own and run the Tailhunter International Fishing Fleet in La Paz, Baja, Mexico  www.tailhunter-international.com.  They also run their Tailhunter Restaurant Bar on the famous La Paz malecon waterfront.  If you’d like to contact him directly, his e-mail is riplipboy@tailhunter-international.com  or drop by the restaurant to say hi!


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