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Originally Published the Week of May 1, 2020 in Western Outdoor Publications

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve become a junkie for Mexico news of late.  It’s not only for my own benefit, but especially to keep friends, clients and everyone else informed as much as possible.


Not even including phone calls, I think I field well over 100 e-mails a week.


It’s not easy covering Mexico.  It’s like someone asking how are things in the United States.  It’s a big country.


Any statements you read here in this confined space easily tend to over-simplify a myriad of variables.  And, just as easily be completely wrong, especially with a rapidly changing situation. Such as it is.


Just like in the U.S., reports conflict daily.  Everyone has a different opinion.

What’s working in Oregon isn’t necessarily good for Florida.  How does one accurately make a blanket statement  that covers  Michigan, Texas and Wyoming?


Mexico has 32 states. It’s the world’s 13th largest country with about 133 million people that are just now getting what a lot of the world has been dealing with for several months.


Just covering Baja itself is 1000-mile-long peninsula.  Most folks don’t realize it comprises two states.


Baja Norte (Northern Baja) encompasses cities such as Tijuana, Ensenada, Mexicali and San Felipe.


Baja Sur (Southern Baja) is where Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Loreto, Mulege and Todos Santos are located.


Plus, there’s a ba-zillion little pueblos scattered all over the rural countryside in the mountains, beaches, islands and deserts.


As a country, Mexico, is just hitting Phase 3 of the pandemic.  As of this writing, it has almost 16,000 cases detected with  more than 1,400 fatalitites.  Health experts say that because of the lack of testing and reporting, the number of cases is probably closer to 65,000.


And climbing.


The two states of Baja Norte and Baja Sur have pretty much extended their respective quarantines until the end of May.  However, the two states are trending divergently on their viral paths.


Both states are in lockdown.  However, Baja Sur has suffered 12 deaths for about 266 cases.


Comparatively speaking, Baja Norte, has about  1200 cases with 162 deaths.  Just a month ago there were a scant dozen cases or so in Baja Norte.


It’s escalating rapidly.


Hospitals in northern Baja are already over-stressed.  The entire city of Ensenada has almost a million residents.  It not only locked itself down, it is locking everyone out.  You can’t even drive into the city.  You are turned away.


Additionally, along the highway, cars are being disinfected and motorists are having their temperatures taken.


On the contrary…


Southern Baja which relies so heavily on tourism, looks like it might be loosening up.


But, not without struggles…


As of last week, the governor of Baja Sur implemented even harsher restrictions.  These included 10 p.m. curfews.  All persons must now wear masks and only 1 person in a car at a time. No alcohol sales after 6 p.m.


Violators are confronted with fines; jail time or community services including being forced to work in the hospitals.


But, there might be a possible light down the road.


Although the quarantine will persist until May 30th, Cabo hotels have started taking new reservations for June.  This includes some of the larger and well-known properties.


School kids are being told that there is a good possibility that classes will resume July 1. They are talking about re-opening the beaches.


The ports and marinas that affect some 24,000 workers may re-open.  Restaurants are preparing to open by mid-June.


Further, various airlines are making noise about returning to the Mexican skies either between the latter part of May.  These include Aero Mexico (May or June).  Alaska after May.  Delta to Cancun and Mexico City.  United Airlines sometime in June.  Spirit Airlines by May or June.


You may not be able to DRIVE to Baja Sur, insofar as many cities and places like Ensenada are closed down.  However, no one minds if you FLY over their cities.


There are others.  This is all changing quickly and for better or worse,  has probably changed by the time you’re reading this!


So, don’t make new reservations just yet.  But, don’t cancel your current plans either.


Stay tuned.  I could be wrong…again.

That’s my story!

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